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14 (Trade Paperback)

14 (Trade Paperback) - Peter Clines When I first heard of this novel, it was recommended that I not learn anything about it if I decided to read it. This is sort of how I do things anyway, so it wasn't that big of a deal for me to avoid any potential spoilers. I trusted the guy well enough to figure that I would enjoy the book, so it was just a matter of finding a copy.

I won't say anything except that 14 is fun. Sure, it had some funny moments, but that wasn't really what it was about. I felt giddy while reading the book. It reminded me of how I felt reading Ready Player One, though the books are so different they're not even comparable. If you enjoy well-told stories of mystery and horror, though, then you should definitely check it out. (Note, though, that it's not really "in print" save for an e-book at the moment. I had to get a used copy.)

In short, this book is the literary equivalent of getting blitzed on grain alcohol and riding your bicycle through an entire loop-the-loop roller coaster while listening to Kyuss. If that sounds like fun, this might be the book for you.