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The Walking Dead Volume 22: A New Beginning

The Walking Dead Volume 22: A New Beginning - Stefano Gaudiano, Cliff Rathburn, Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman With All Out War, Kirkman showed us that a civilized world in the world of The Walking Dead wasn't out of the question. He showed us that it wasn't easy, but he showed us that not everything had to be death, betrayal, and secrecy. It might have been a good place to end the series, but Kirkman either has more ideas, or he's not quite tired of the money he makes off of the series.

Given that the Governor and Negan have been essentially the same antagonist, with different resolutions, it makes me wonder if Kirkman does have enough ideas to carry the series forward. Considering that this collection takes us up through issue 132, one might think that the series would be winding up. Instead, Kirkman showed us in greater detail what that civilized world might be. Agriculture, animal husbandry, bartering, and even leisure time are highlighted in this new vision, and it's reassuring. A lot has happened to Rick and his team along the way, and they deserve moments like this, when they can be a community instead of a band of survivors.

Of course, this series being what it is, the world can't stay that way. And when I questioned whether or not Kirkman had enough ideas left to carry on with the series, I was wrong. He managed to throw some genuinely creepy moments into the story (which are fewer and farther between, compared to how many gruesome scenes he puts into the series), and managed to end this collection on a point where I regret not reading it from issue to issue. I'd much rather have one cliffhanger ending every few months instead of one every month.

So, the world of The Walking Dead marches on, and I'm still along for the ride. I'm not sure what Kirkman would have to do to make me quit the series, but he hasn't done it yet.