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Fables, Vol. 15: Rose Red

Fables, Vol. 15: Rose Red - Inaki Miranda, Andrew Pepoy, Dan Green, Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, Bill Willingham This is a pretty hefty collection in the Fables anthology series, in more ways than one. For one, it's longer than the previous collections, partly because it collects the issues up to #100, which itself was a hefty issue. For another, the issues that take place in the series are darker, heavier, and carry more consequences than the previous volumes. Rose Red, who's been in a deep depression since Little Boy Blue's death, finally comes back around to remembering her responsibilities, and the battle against Mr. Dark comes to a head, as Frau Totenkinder takes him on in battle.

If you've been following the series, then you've probably come accustomed to the pattern of the story arcs, where one comes along that seems a little dull, where very little happens, to be followed up with one where we get action out the wazoo and are pulled along in breathless anticipation of what comes next. Luckily, Rose Red is one of the latter arcs, which, again, makes sense as we realize that we're coming up on issue #100. This would have been a good time to bring the series to a close, had the creators wanted to, but it looks like Willingham has a few more ideas to put together before he puts Fables to rest. I have mixed feelings, because I would prefer to see the series end on a high note, instead of being forced into dull, uninteresting, and non-memorable stories, but I'd like to keep reading the series, too. Luckily, he's surprised me by keeping me engaged in the continuing storyline.

As always, I look forward to the next collection!