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The Walking Dead, Vol. 20: All Out War Part 1

The Walking Dead, Vol. 20: All Out War Part 1 - Stefano Gaudiano, Cliff Rathburn, Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman I'm one of those who got into the TV show before I started reading the comic, but then when I started reading the comic, it made me realize why so many people think the show is dull. The characterization is so different between the two, and in some cases, the whole characters are swapped around or mixed up. In addition, the stuff that happens in the comic is much more severe, though I can see why some of that was changed up for the TV show. In a lot of cases, the content was too dark or complicated to present on screen (though the producers surprised me by including the Ben and Billy thread as part of the show). But the fact that the Andrea of the comic is still alive and kicking some major ass when the TV Andrea was just an insufferable twit underlines some of the reasons why the comic is so much better.

All Out War is the beginning of Rick and his group fighting back against Negan, the psychopathic leader of a renegade group who makes the Governer look like … well, the Governor of the TV series (see my first paragraph about that). The story is one of sacrifice for the greater good, and it raises a lot of concerns for me as a reader, since Kirkman, like George R.R. Martin, has proven time and again (and again and again) that he's not afraid of killing off major characters if that's what the story demands. I know a couple of longtime readers dropped the series after Negan was first introduced in the series, because they felt like it was Kirkman just killing off long-time favorites just to stir things up, but I don’t necessarily agree. Negan is crazy, and that was just the first sign as to how crazy he was; All Out War shows us a lot more detail into how he thinks.

I regret not waiting to read this until part two is released, which will probably be much later in the year. Like watching the show and waiting for the Governor to finally die, I'm eager to see how this plays out. I'm pretty certain that Negan will die, but I don't know who else is going to have to die to make that happen. I wouldn't put it past Kirkman to make it Rick or, worse, Andrea. I hate having to wait to find out.