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Fables, Vol. 20: Camelot

Fables, Vol. 20: Camelot - Mark Buckingham, Bill Willingham Fables will be coming to an end with issue 175. This might be a good thing; I think Willingham has probably taken the idea of Fables as far as he can go (though he's surprised me a couple of times when I think he's run the well dry), and the stories tend to become repetitious. In this collection, even, we see the hints that Gepetto is up to his old tricks again, and we've twice already seen epic battles between him and the rest of the Fables. Even when he brings in Mr. Dark, Willingham is still telling the same kind of story, just with different villains with different weaknesses, featuring different Fables not yet featured in the series.

Camelot is another expositionary story arc, taking us from the end of Snow White through the settling of the modern Camelot fable. Rose Red takes charge of that transition, as she takes it upon herself to recruit knights to serve at a modern Round Table in an effort to provide second chances to those who need it. That Rose Red is one of those who was given a second chance is important; that she recruits the person who killed Bigby and nearly killed Snow White in the last story arc sets the stage for recreating the Camelot myth.

Not much happens here, other than Willingham setting the stage for what's to come next. It's still interesting, and well told, and he doesn't cheat to make things happen (I'm still not sure what's driving Rose Red to pull together these knights, though there seems to be some hints suggesting that something outside of her is motivating her quest), but it wasn't as exciting as other arcs. The Camelot thing does seem to be a bit of a stretch, but I'll bet that the next arc will answer some of my questions. It's not like I could give up the story even if I wanted to, considering that I've come this far, but I feel like I should trust Willingham to take me where I want to go.